Axis Tower Property Launch- Luxury Living atop Manchester

Axis Tower, currently under construction since 2014, is set to be Manchester’s tallest building upon completion in 2016. The Tower, which will consist of commercial offices as well as residential homes, will set the city of Manchester in new lights and give owners of this beautiful new launch unparalleled quality living in Australia.

The tall structure allows for unparalleled view over the city of Manchester and with only 172 apartment units spread out across 28 floors, its one of the country’s most luxury apartments nearby.

Architectured by 5 plus Architects( a creative and design studio in Manchester ) and construction managed by professional engineers from Property Alliance Group, companies known for their quality work, dedication and unique execution methods, the Tower will be one true dream home come true for potential owners and buyer.


Axis Tower lies between the Financial District and Oxford Road corridor. Situated just in the center of Manchester City surrounded by shopping centers and restaurants, its a definite attraction for future owners of the flats. The close proximity to Metrolink and Deansgate stations also make it a point of convenience to travel to any other parts of the city. Nearby amenities such as cafes, bars, shops and library also makes it a very good spot for weekend enjoyments and relaxation with the whole family.

For those a little more concern about their little ones future, the Axis Tower is also very close to major universities and other important structures.

In a nutshell, why should you choose Axis Tower as your top option for luxury living in Manchester:

Commercialized area
18 floors of commercialized offices makes it a perfect location for most businesses to set foot on. Many large businesses who are coming to the City of Manchester will definitely be choosing The Axis Tower as their top choice for office relocation

Overall Designed to impress
Shimmering Facade and Glimmering glass reflections displays a clean and overall professional image to whoever visiting the Axis Tower. Makes this place a symbol of status and luxury.

Long Leased
Over 130 years. More than what most other leased apartments in the City are offering

Investments and Interest
Low entry price and rental demand with annual rental interest of about 6-7% growth makes it a must have property owners and real estate investors.

Register today and file your interest for this awesome property today. Get your share of this only quality living or commercial space for your future business expansions.

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